Lighting is essential to a beautiful home. Interior lighting can frame artwork, illuminate a hallway, and bring focus to a well designed kitchen. At On Time Electric, we love installing recessed lighting, chandeliers and ceiling fans! All lighting installation is done to code by a licensed electrician. As your locally owned lighting design expert, we are here to help you find the right lighting for any space. We provide you with recessed lighting repair as well, 24-7.

Recessed lighting can also be referred to as canister lighting, or pot lighting. Recessed lights are mounted in the ceiling so you get the look of a flat ceiling without hanging light fixtures. Recessed lighting can be one of the most versatile sources of light for both home and business. Recessed cans offer a layer of general lighting that seamlessly blends into any space. They can also be used as task lighting when positioned and focused over a particular area. There are different types of recessed lighting available, that include different light sources such as LED and Halogen. There are also shapes, trims and housings depending on your project (new or remodel). Outdated are the days of track lighting, replaced with newer more innovative forms of lighting such as recessed.

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