On Time Electric Specializes in New Kitchen Electric Wiring. Is your microwave on a dedicated circuit? How about your refrigerator? In order for your appliances to be running safely without tripping breakers every time you make toast, they need to be on dedicated circuits. This ensures they have enough power to run safely without overloading the circuits. A licensed electrician can improve the look and functionality of your kitchen giving you uninterrupted power and ensuring safety. We can provide you with a custom lighting package, and include options like low-voltage, under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting for islands and recessed lighting over your counter and cooking areas.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and On Time Electric has remodeled many kitchen electrical systems, and we understand the kitchen is as much a functional work space as it is the gathering place for your friends and family. The kitchen lighting must be as functional as it is aesthetic. Lighting in the kitchen requires special consideration and thought. A well-planned electrical lighting circuit and switches can greatly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your new kitchen, and can be a source of energy savings, as well. Dividing your new kitchen into work zones can help you establish an electrical lighting and electrical switch plan. For example, you could have a single light on an electrical dimmer switch over your sink, some pendant lighting that illuminates a counter eating area, and a few recessed lights over a work island or cook area. Separate electrical switches and electrical lighting circuits can help you reduce your overall lighting usage by allowing you to turn off electrical lights when you are not working in that area. Additionally, installing electrical dimmer switches can allow you to use this lighting for low-level nighttime illumination.

When you are ready to remodel your old, outdated kitchen you can count on the electrical services at On Time Electric. We are your Tampa electrician of choice for kitchen remodeling and rewiring.