Mixing water and electricity is dangerous. Installing your own hot tub is not a DIY project. You’ll be relaxing today in your new hot tub with proper, safe installation with a licensed electrician. When you call On Time Electric for expert hot tub wiring, it is handled by our master electrician. Our expert hot tub wiring and electrical service is inclusive of all necessary parts and labor to ensure safe operation for years of enjoyment. On Time Electric’s expert hot tub wiring service includes:

  • Confirmation that your current electrical service can safely supply the additional power
  • Installation, configuration of wire, conduit and hardware
  • Installation of correct sized breaker installed in main panel
  • Connection of hot tub wiring
  • Verification and safety check of all connections to ensure it is properly grounded

Contact us when you begin your plans for a new hot tub. Proper planning will help ensure a safe hot tub installation that meets code and is free of financial surprises.

We also offer electric service upgrades and panel upgrades if we find that your service is outdated or requires additional power supply for your new hot tub. Most services can be accomplished the same day. You do not have to wait to begin enjoying your new hot tub. Call today!