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Short circuits can occur on your appliances, outlets, etc. and this occurrence can be dangerous. We have the skills and knowledge to determine which appliances or outlets are causing the short circuit and we can solve it right away so that serious electrical problems can be avoided. It could be that you need to replace a socket on your household systems like doorbells, or heating systems when they are no longer working. Old electricity systems in older homes have components or parts from decades ago, and there is no guarantee that they are still in good condition. We can check your home thoroughly and have complete knowledge whether your home is brand new or decades old and can offer you the best solution to your electrical problems.

Have you had flood damage? A flood can cause hazard and damage to your electrical system in a hurry. You should not experiment with electricity after a flood. This calls for emergency service from a licensed electrician. We know the problems to be handled by a home that has been flooded and can fix them right away to keep you and your family out of harms way.

When you have lost power in your home or business, you cannot wait until the next business day to have your problem solved. On Time Electric will be there the same day, right away! We are expert electricians specializing in emergency service. If you’ve ever returned to your home at night, to find that your power is out. You look to your neighbors house to see that their electricity is still on. There is only one explanation, you have an electrical problem! On Time Electric will not keep you in the dark. We provide 24 hour service throughout Tampa to ensure the safety of your family. Just call us and we will have someone to your residence immediately. Sundays, after hours, whether you have a massive electrical issue or simple fuse issue, we are here to help. Our reliable electricians in Tampa will have you out of trouble in no time! Don’t hesitate any longer, call now! 813-518-5132

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