Do You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Service?

Not having enough electrical power can actually damage sensitive electronics and can be a home safety hazard. But how do you know if you need to upgrade? A system that is too small typically results in overloaded circuits. This leads to blown fuses and tripped breakers.

Your electric panel is the entry point for electricity from your local power company, and from here it distributes power throughout your home. When your electrical service becomes too small to distribute power throughout your home, (when you add high-powered appliances for example) it causes strain on your electric panel and can cause outages, or blown fuses.

When buying a home it is a good idea to have any older panels or fuse boxes inspected by a licensed electrician. Older panels are not as safe as their modern counterparts, especially fuse boxes. Your best bet is to upgrade your electrical panel if it still uses a fuse box. These are typically the most common that lead to overloaded circuits.

Whether your electric service needs to be upgraded due to changes in your household, or because of out-dated panels that have become unsafe, an overloaded circuit is just as dangerous as one that has known defects. If you think for any reason that your service may be undersized or out of date, call us today and we will come out to take a look, free of charge.

Here are some common reasons you might need an electrical service upgrade:

  • New Construction or Addition to Your Home
  • New or Upgraded Appliances
  • Older Home with Outdated Panel or Fuse Box
  • Newly Installed Central AC Unit
  • Added Hot Tub or Swimming Pool
  • Kitchen Renovation