Electrical Service Upgrades

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Service? Not having enough electrical power can actually damage sensitive electronics and can be a home safety hazard. But how do you know if you need to upgrade? A system that is too small typically results in overloaded circuits. This leads to blown fuses and tripped breakers. Your electric panel is the entry point for electricity from your local power company, and from…

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Expert Hot Tub Wiring

Mixing water and electricity is dangerous. Installing your own hot tub is not a DIY project. You’ll be relaxing today in your new hot tub with proper, safe installation with a licensed electrician. When you call On Time Electric for expert hot tub wiring, it is handled by our master electrician. Our expert hot tub wiring and electrical service is inclusive of all necessary parts and labor to ensure safe operation for years…

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Recessed Lighting

Lighting is essential to a beautiful home. Interior lighting can frame artwork, illuminate a hallway, and bring focus to a well designed kitchen. At On Time Electric, we love installing recessed lighting, chandeliers and ceiling fans! All lighting installation is done to code by a licensed electrician. As your locally owned lighting design expert, we are here to help you find the right lighting for any space. We provide you…

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Electric Panel Changes

Electrical panels in an older home may have a much lower capacity. You may have added appliances, or a hot tub.. whatever the reason, ask yourself these questions: Do your light bulbs burn out quickly? Is your current panel full? Are you adding an addition to your home? Do you need a whole house surge protector? Do you need more outlets? Do you need a GFCI installed in your kitchen…

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New Addition Electric Wiring

  The skilled, licensed electricians at On Time Electric have years of experience with wiring new construction for remodeling or additions. Whether you are building your first home, your dream home or making an addition to your existing home, we can help. The following are a few of the services you may encounter the need for a licensed electrician in the remodeling or addition of your home: New Construction Wiring…

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New Kitchen Electric Wiring

On Time Electric Specializes in New Kitchen Electric Wiring. Is your microwave on a dedicated circuit? How about your refrigerator? In order for your appliances to be running safely without tripping breakers every time you make toast, they need to be on dedicated circuits. This ensures they have enough power to run safely without overloading the circuits. A licensed electrician can improve the look and functionality of your kitchen giving…

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